Contact CiDess' author HGB^

I am Rémy LUCAS, I live near Besançon, in France.

I create CiDess because I'm mad of computer programming and also of electronic.

You can view my personal web page here.

If you have problems with CiDess, please view the manual and the FAQ first.
Also view the download and installation page.

You can contact me by mail, in French or English. If you speak both French and English, use French language.

Please precise me the subject of your message:
    - Bug report
    - English translation mistakes in the software
    - English translation mistakes in the web site
    - Idea to make CiDess better
    - Delivery of CIT file
    - Delivery of LNG translation file
    - You want to translate the web site

If you describe a bug, please give me more details as possible:
    - Your Windows version
    - CiDess language used
    - Windows language used
    - CiDess path
    - Error message or a screen shot in *.jpg
Try to reproduce the bug and tells me how to do.
Send me the CID or CIT file that causes problems.

To contact me about CiDess use the following mail:

This mail can change, so to contact me later go to this page.