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This web page will grow up with the answers to frequently asked questions about CiDess.

What's the date format?
CiDess crashes at boot
CiDess crashes on "Quit" command
Does CiDess have an "undo" function?
Can CiDess export the 3D view in *.dxf *.iges *.sat *.stp?
What's new in CiDess 2?
What's new in CiDess III?
What's new in CiDess III.2?
What's new in CiDess 4?
What's new in CiDess 4.25?
What's new in CiDess 4.27?
What's new in CiDess 4.28?
What's new in CiDess 4.29?

 What's the date format? HGB<>^

Date format in CiDess is DD/MM/YYYY.

Example: mars 25th 2001 equals "25/03/2001".

 CiDess crashes at boot HGB<>^

Check if you have write rights in CiDess.exe path. Check if you have rights on the files.

Check if the files doesn't have "read only" attribute. When you copy a file from a backup CDROM, it has this attribute.

 CiDess crashes on "Quit" command HGB<>^

Check if you have write rights in CiDess.exe path. Check if you have rights on the files.

Check if the files doesn't have "read only" attribute. When you copy a file from a backup CDROM, it has this attribute.

Try to delete CiDess.LND file.

 Does CiDess have an "undo" function? HGB<>^

CiDess 2 has an UNDO function :-)

 Can CiDess export the 3D view in *.dxf *.iges *.sat *.stp? HGB<>^

This version of CiDess supports only 3DG and STL format, as I'm not a 3D specialist and I don't know these file format descriptions.

 What's new in CiDess 2? HGB<>^

New functions:
    - UNDO / REDO
    - "Refresh CIT files"; you don't have to close and run again CiDess when you edit a CIT file.
    - Files manager for CIT files
    - CiDess now include a list of heat sinks in its featured component types list
    - "Flip" and "Mirror" functions in Component types editor

Fixed bugs:
    - Corrupted CID files when the " symbol was entered in a component name or value
    - Crash of "Insert file ..." function in Edit menu
    - Component's values loss when running some functions
    - "Please finish last operation..." bug when you just select a component and change mouse mode to pointer and try to add a CIT file
    - Bugs in PCB and layout printing

 What's new in CiDess III? HGB<>^

New functions:
    - You can run cidess.exe with command-line parameters
    - Automatic circuit date update available
    - Advanced settings: you can change each color and precisely set the zoom coefficient
    - Custom grid value added
    - You can change the step of the displayed dot grid on screen
    - Advanced printing features
    - You can print a document with all PCB information
    - The ALT key allows you to rotate objects with 1 step
    - "Copper text" function: you can write text on CU1 and/or CU2 layers
    - Parameters used for automatic HTML generation are saved in CID file
    - CiDess can automatically increment component's names
    - Indeed CiDess III introduces a new file format CID V2. Also, CiDess III can read your old CID files!

Fixed bugs:
    - No size difference between screen and printer texts
    - Text transparency works correctly on printer
    - Hidden objects cannot be selected, moved or modified.

 What's new in CiDess III.2? HGB<>^

New functions:
    - Planar components creation
    - BMP picture file format

Fixed bugs:
    - Wrong stretchable component length while CU1 and CU2 layer disabled

 What's new in CiDess 4? HGB<>^

New functions:
    - STL 3D file data export
    - PCB drilling with CNC machine
    - PCB milling with CNC machine
    - New website and manual design
    - Faster display

Fixed bugs:
    - Random white pixels in square pads when angle is not 0, 90, 180 or 270
    - Random thin white lines on printed PCBs
    - Crash when user select "Print" menu on a computer with either printer

 What's new in CiDess 4.25? HGB<>^

New functions:
    - Ground plane tracks and pads
    - The user interface has been redesigned
    - Faster display

Fixed bugs:
    - Some display bugs and crashes in case of incorrect entry fixed
    - Portable execution possible even with limited windows user account

 What's new in CiDess 4.27? HGB<>^

PCB drilling with CNC machine depreciated (In practice, precise positioning of the PCB in the milling machine was too difficult. Use another software, such as LUCAS-BMP-CNC to drill AND mill the circuit, to punch holes before drilling, to manage clamping...)

Fixed bugs:
    - "Error 50003" on some computers when displaying file managers or nomenclature
    - CiDess don't use any .OCX file
    - Save dialog : automatic adding file extension if missing
    - "author's website" link failure in HTML documentation

 What's new in CiDess 4.28? HGB<>^

Fixed bugs:
    - XY mouse position display don't work

 What's new in CiDess 4.29? HGB<>^

Fixed bugs:
    - CiDess crashes on very large screens

Go in download page to get the update.

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