License HGB<>^

You must be agreed with the following to use CiDess.

CiDess is freeware, that is to say you can use it free of charge for a personal use.

However, if you use CiDess for a commercial use (that is to say, to design a commercial product), please contact me. I can ask you to include the sentence "Design with CiDess" in your product's documentation.

You can distribute CiDess (CD-ROM, web site, P2P, magazine...) on condition that:
- distribute CiDess freely
- distribute CiDess "as is", without any change
- include the sentence "CiDess - (c) Rémy LUCAS -" in support's documentation

If you will be sure to download the last and original version of CiDess, download from my web site But remember that no web site is 100% protected against hackers or viruses attack.

I'm free of every responsibility in case of data loss or any damage due to CiDess. Don't forget to save your data and make backups. Also use an updated firewall and anti-virus software.

Thanks to José Monzon for Spanish translation of CiDess.

 Download and installation HGB<>^

Last version of CiDess is: 29/09/2018 (V4.29)

Clic here to download full version with off-line manual (SFX archive, 5.16MB), so you don't need Internet access to use the manual.

For a copy on 3"1/2 disk, download these files (7zip needed):
File 1/5 (1.38 MB)
File 2/5 (1.38 MB)
File 3/5 (1.38 MB)
File 4/5 (1.38 MB)
File 5/5 (1.12 MB)

Installation procedure is simple: unzip the downloaded file into a directory of your choice.
If you downloaded the files for 3"1/2 FDD, run the first file, the unzip utility will ask you the other files.
This method as the advantage to preserve your system and Windows registry.

! If you're under NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 8 and 10 versions of Windows, CiDess users must have read and WRITE rights in the installation directory. CiDess.exe must run with administrator privileges, and it may runs under Windows 95 compatibility mode if required.

! Update procedure is very simple: unpack the archive in CiDess.EXE directory and answer YES when the unzip utility ask you if you want to erase the existing files. Your preferences will be preserved.

Here is CiDess' PAD file: pad_file.xml

 Your files here! HGB<>^

You have created CIT files?

You have translated CiDess in another language?

Send me your files and I will put them here, so all CiDess users could benefit from them.

(c) Rémy LUCAS - Last update: 29/09/2018 (V4.29)