CiDess software features HGB^

- Easy to use
- Large number of component types featured
- 3D view
- User-friendly component types editor
- You can increase or decrease pad size for each component
- 2 pads components are stretchable
- You can turn the components at any angle
- Support both single and double side PCB
- Support ground plane on each side
- Support SMD
- Advanced printing features
- "Copper text" function: you can write text on CU1 and/or CU2 layers
- Planar components creation
- PCB and layout can be saved as GIF and BMP pictures
- PCB can be save as 3DG and STL file
- Special image generation for PCB etching with CNC machine
- Featured file manager with search engine, find and sort easily your PCB files
- You can include comments and extra data in a PCB file
- Automatic web page generation to publish your PCB
- Support both French and English language, ability to change language during program execution
- A free software is available to translate CiDess in any language, even if you don't have programming skills
- CiDess is open software, sources and files format description in the coders section of this web site
- 100% free
- Can run on a 60 MHz Pentium with 16 Mo under Windows 95 - (as the old computer in your workroom)
- Works on Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 10

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